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We consult with teachers and educators in all aspects and facets of education to improve our platform

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This app has all the features that students need to see their progress in more places than ever

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Our platform works perfectly from small specialist schools to large institutions

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We understand that all our customers needs are different and we work to create a perfect environment for your learners


Customizable and Innovative for all schools

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Learners are the leaders of their own education, providing real time feedback

  • Learn at their own pace
  • Realtime feedback from their school leaders
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Students that use our platform are 50% more likely to engage with their learning goals, as it gives them a feeling of personal achievement

Students are provided with realtime feedback of all their good work and achievements, from Positive Behavior for Learning (PBL) Awards to Class Awards, allowing for easy positive reinforcement

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Easy to get started

Switching to a new platform takes time, and effort, we make this easy with Launch Education

  • Easy sign in with Google
  • Fast setup for any NSW Government School
  • Dedicated Team of Support Professionals
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Incredible Support

We know that issues happen, and when they happen any downtime in a classroom can take away from the learning, that's why we have Product Experts available 24/7 any day of the week or year to answer any queries

Most support issues that have been raised with us in the past year have been resolved in under

1 Hour

, Making us some of the fastest support out there

We believe in making things simple; When you email us, a real Product Expert from our team gets your email and responds as fast as we can; When you call us, you talk directly with an Aussie Product Expert.