We're a diverse team of educators and technology professionals

We saw a gap with other education software providers and wanted to develop our own software, from a student centric view

  • Specially trained educators and developers
  • An eye for small inclusive details
  • Open to chat in order to get the most use out of our platform

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Our Skills

We rely on a diverse team of people in order to make the best product we can, our developers are hand picked to ensure that they are an excellent fit for our team and our vision

Our Philosophy

Launch Education was born out of the idea that we wanted to make education simpler, to have a second look at it, and to make the struggles that can be in the classroom from certain cohorts of students easier. We discovered that lots of students were achieving at various levels and were doing work above and below their stage according to the teacher, so we wanted to look at a way that a student could learn at their own pace.

That’s why Launch Education doesn’t encourage people to be moved into groups likes classes. Instead, individual students are the class, and work at a pace that they can understand, and work with, the material. This means that they are more encouraged to do these lessons, what we call “ICAN” statements. They are small pieces of information that a student can use with evidence to show a teacher that they are performing at that level with that knowledge area.

We even encourage students to upload work that they have already done because we also believe that students shouldn’t be tested on the knowledge that they know right at that instant. Instead, they are being tested on if they have ever proven that knowledge before, so that the students aren’t stuck proving something in a knowledge area that they know they can already do since they have already submitted a task in the past that has perfectly demonstrated these criteria. This is a reason that the platform does not restrict students to submit the same piece of work multiple times, because students can prove a variety of skills in just one piece of writing or work, and we want them to have to freedom to do that.