My Portfolio

Launch Education will provide a portfolio of all the proudest moments of their learning journey, showcasing their achievements and unique talents

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning is key to the Launch Education experience, enabling students to take control of their own learning.

Powerful Visualisation

We make learning visible, and enable you to foster a student through their entire learning journey

Powerful Automations

We have powerful automations built into the product to help you get back to what's important; Teaching and learning, Focusing on the time that traditonally schools will spend many hours doing such as organizing certificates and organizing record keeping

Motivate Positive Behaviors

Create a positive learning culture through reinforcement of school expectations, Which students receive realtime postive feedback from when they have demonstrated these expectations


Students demonstrate what they can achieve in their own way, and receive feedback and annotations from their own trusted teachers. Therefore they develop resilient learning behaviors, gaining more confidence in their own learning from real descriptors.

Extra Curriculuar Students

Encourage students to demonstrate that learning can be done from beyond the school gate, while fostering a positive image in the community

Their Learning Trajectory

Students are in control of their Learning Trajectory. They demonstrate their knolwedge and skills against learning progressions in creative ways in the way that students choose.