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Our platform supports the ability for students to be able to pace their own learning.

We believe that students should be able to pace their own learning, to show their learning without tests or exams, a more natural way of showing your learning. We support students to submit evidence in the platform to their teachers that's work that they have already done; Students are encouraged to submit this work because they have already proven this knowledge, all without sitting a test or exam. Students can feel pressure or anxiety when taking tests that's why we take a much more self-paced approach with how we encourage learning. Students aren't forced to submit work from a certain year level or to work towards a certain goal; Students are encouraged to start where they feel confident not from where they are told to, Launch Education will even keep track of this, and suggest learning pathways for them to follow, or small lessons they that can complete. Paced will encourage students by giving them personalized and actionable feedback that allows them to feel empowered to learn at their own pace.